5 Benefits of Sauna Use You Likely Haven't Heard About

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39 gedachten over “5 Benefits of Sauna Use You Likely Haven't Heard About”

  1. I have been using the sauna regularly for two years now, five times a week for at least 2 x 15 minutes. usually at 80'celsius.
    I also train in gym 190x a year and outdoor running.
    Since I use the sauna, I have noticed that I sweat much faster and more intensively during training (for example, my forearms never sweated before). I am interested in whether you have had similar experiences and whether it has anything to do with the sauna. Is it good or not?

  2. I recently started using the sauna at my gym after HIT with weightlifting. I suffer from migraines and often get exercise migraines. Now, since using the sauna no migraines. No exercise migraine or other migraines! Female, age 47, 137 lbs, 5’10, 20 minutes is all I can handle in the sauna before feeling lightheaded.

  3. I just got my sauna and I’m really struggling. I feel amazing right afterwards, but the next day I’m almost sick and really tired. Any suggestions? I’ve been using it for a few weeks now.

  4. My quality of life improved when I started using the steam roomsauna, I stopped getting sick as much, I stopped having as many allergy issues (probably due to my sinuses being cleared from the steam), my skin improved, my dry eye symptoms were made a lot better, I stopped sweating, I stopped getting out of breath as easily, the list goes on.

  5. Thomas. We have a conondrum that we are wondering about. If cold hinders hypertrophy and sauna / heat helps hypertrophy. What about doing both? We have a sauna 85 degrees a 4 degrees icebath and after training we do both.

    What are the effects? Do they help eachother, promote hypertrophy or does it nothing? Or do Ice win over Heat?

    Hope you understand my question, love your content. Best regards from Sweden.


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