Alaskan Treetop Sauna | Treehouse Masters: Behind the Build

Dompel jezelf onder in een speciale rondleiding door het stoombad in de lucht dat Pete en zijn bemanning in Talkeetna, Alaska hebben gebouwd voor het avontuurlijke stel dat de Alaska Mountaineering School heeft opgericht. Volledige afleveringen streamen op Animal Planet GO en online op: Abonneer je op Animal Planet: Doe mee ons op Facebook: Volg op Twitter:


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17 gedachten over “Alaskan Treetop Sauna | Treehouse Masters: Behind the Build”

  1. Totally disappointed in the show that aired on TV. Everything was great until the very end. They found a need to single out 1 child. She was said to be the home owners client's daughter. Tell me, why was that even necessary. Not one other person on the show had a caption to determine why they were present. SMH. Poor taste

  2. So where is the shower to wash off the sweat from 200 F heat?!! You messed up, Pete! I am 100% Finn and have lived in Finland also and had relatives with SAUNA's at their cabins (and you either have snow to roll in in the winters, or a lake to jump in, in warmer months, to get the sweat off your body)! But minus those 2 ideal solutions—you DO NEED a shower stall incorporated outside the sauna. (And it is pronounced “sow nah”! Sow is said like you call a female pig.)


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