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Wellness Day Before 2 The Netherlands
With High Discount December 2023

Book your wonderful wellness day including overnight stay now
from only €30 pppn.

Experience a relaxing wellness day with friends now, mother or daughter with a discount.

You don't have to drive home after such a relaxed wellness day, because you walk straight into your room to go to sleep in a fresh hotel bed!

Don't wait too long - Limited Number of Deals Available in December

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Unlimited To The Sauna?

Book a wellness day with an overnight stay at one of the resorts below and use all the saunas- and wellness facilities as often as you like.

(Tip: it is also possible to only book the sauna/wellness without a hotel stay!)

Choose one of these limited-time offers from the best wellness hotels in the Netherlands now!

Limited Availability. Don't wait too long… because full is full!

fletcher wellnessboot fletcher wellness hotel kamperduinen fletcher wellness hotel stadspark fletcher wellness hotel trivium fletcher wellness hotel leiden

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Affordable Wellness Arrangements

sauna opgieting

The cheapest Sauna, thermal baths, Wellness and Spa Packages

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Spa, Sauna & Wellness with Overnight stay

wellness arrangement inclusief hotel

Nothing is better than not having to go home after a relaxing Spa Day, but wonderfully rosy and reminiscent of falling asleep in a luxurious room in the wellness resort.

From €51.30 per person including breakfast!

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Private Sauna Offers

Enjoy undisturbed without strangers together with your partner, friend of a wellness area with sauna, jacuzzi, steam bath, possibly with overnight stay.

prive sauna 1

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Hotel Rooms With Private Jacuzzi & Wellness

hotelkamer jacuzzi prive sauna wellness

Experience your own Romantic Spa Day with your partner in a hotel room with private sauna, steam bath and hot jacuzzi!

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the Best Massage Deals 2022

By Blue Wellness

TIP: You do not have to buy a hotel stay or wellness resort ticket for these massages, the massages can also be booked separately.

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mediterraanse massage blue wellness hoofdmassage 25 min blue wellness hoofdmassage 50 min blue wellness hammam massage ritueel 50 min blue wellness voetmassage 25 min blue wellness bamboo massage blue wellness balinese massage 50 min blue wellness sportmasssage 50 min blue wellness ontspanningsmassage 50 min blue wellness hot stone massage blue wellness

TIP: A Fully Catered Spa Day at Fletcher Blue Wellness

spa dag sauna fletcher blue wellness

  • Personal attention
  • Beauty treatments
  • Relaxation treatments
  • Sauna massages
  • Jacuzzi and Thermal Pools
  • Delicious food and drinks
  • Overnight stays possible

Temporary promotions and attractive spa packages for a competitive price.

This is how you enjoy a day of sauna at an affordable price. Don't wait too long to book because the offers are only valid for a limited time.

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blue wellness spa dag all inclusive met hotel blue wellness all inclusive

wellness arrangement inclusief hotel

body, Beauty and facial treatments at Blue Wellness

wellness behandelingen massage

A treatment is not only very effective but is also fully focused on the total experience.

All actions are performed massaging.

From the moment you lie on the treatment chair to the last massage grip; you are really pampered.

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zonnebank spa ritueel spadag hammam ritueel massages gezichtsbehandelingen behandelingen blue specials

Try Relaxing Floating!

What is Floating (Floating)?

Floating is floating on warm water with a high salt content, so that you feel weightless as it were.

It is usually done in a small booth, completely free of stimuli and stimuli such as light and sound.

What are the benefits of Floating?

floaten floating floatspa

The water is filled with epsom salt, allowing your body to float effortlessly, which gives a feeling of weightlessness and ultimate relaxation

You feel the stress and tension disappear from your body… it is a special experience that you should definitely experience!

Where can you float?

It is best to make a floating session part of a spa day or a wellness weekend, Like with Blue Wellness.

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More Sauna, Wellness and Spa Offers

thermale baden

Overview of all Sauna, Wellness, Thermes and Spa offers, discounts and arrangements.

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