Gay Sauna Employee Explains Just What Goes Into Cleaning It | Channel 4

Een medewerker van een homosauna legt precies uit hoe het is om daar te werken en wat er allemaal bij komt kijken om het schoon te maken. Abonneer je op Channel 4 Documentary: Bekijk hier de True Crime: Unraveled playlist: Bekijk hier de True Crime playlist: https:// Bekijk de 24 Hours in Police Custody-afspeellijst hier: Bekijk de 24 Hours In A&E-afspeellijst hier: https://youtu .be/xXyqaL8CDEU?list=PLiC_gpE7y051uPem0F3XQTWc02q_H8e6t Watch the Geordie Hospital playlist here: Watch the True Stories playlist here: Bekijk de How To Get Rich-playlist hier: Bekijk de My Body, My Rules-playlist hier: Bekijk de Murder Island-afspeellijst haar e: Bekijk hier de afspeellijst van de geheime diensten: #SecretsOfTheSauna #Channel4Documentary #Channel4 #Documentary


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37 gedachten over “Gay Sauna Employee Explains Just What Goes Into Cleaning It | Channel 4”

  1. The author of this video and owners of this channel are homophobic. The guy is really miserable because he is straight and he works in the gay sauna. Bottoms are ok with everything that happens in such place because it's the same in their homes. I agree with the guy from the video that same places for straight people are not much better than this gay sauna.

  2. Yes. I once visited one here where I live in Blackpool. I am a gay guy but it was one of the most insanitary, seedy and frankly threatening places ever. Really old fat men with arms like an octopus and a total invasion of my personal space. And the guy I copped off with, though younger than me, gave me crabs, the filthy bastard.

  3. I feel for this guy, he has to go and clean up other men's messes, sometimes accompanied with indescribable filth! The 12" becondomed cucumber shown is only a mild instance. Although it's a free veggie I don't think he's willing (I know I wouldn't) eat it knowing it's been inside somebody else I don't know.


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