How to build Sauna.

Waarschijnlijk hebben we allemaal meer tijd dan normaal thuis doorgebracht tijdens de pandemie van 2020. Hier is mijn doe-het-zelf-project…


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21 gedachten over “How to build Sauna.”

  1. What is the ideal distance between the insulation foil and the wood (the planks)? Moreover, can there be tiles on the floor or there's got to be planks instead (or tiles and planks on top of them)? Is 8kW electric heater good for a 1.5×1.5 sauna or will it be too much? Last – is the lack of a draining pipe/system a big no-no and is having it a must? I've noticed a lot of sauna places in my country (in hotels) don't have the draining system. I wonder why. Thanks!

  2. hello. love the video. building one right now under my porch too. 1 question how did you build the floor? is the cedar screwed to the concrete or did you frame out the floor and I didnt see? if so did you insulate the floor? thank you so much

  3. I understand the use of modern insulating walls instead of thick layers of wood or red bricks.
    I understand that we say to ourselves with an electric sauna that the smoke evacuation is not necessary..
    But now, there are major construction faults that will jeopardize the durability of this sauna and the health of its users.
    Traditionally for wood we chose a coniferous tree, a variety of fir tree, it is not an innocuous choice, this heated wood will emit substances, those of the fir tree have recognized medicinal properties and no harmfulness.
    All wood used must be untreated solid wood
    Even without smoke, the sauna must be constantly ventilated, no need for air conditioning, just a small low grid and a high one.
    Another thing is water, you must always have water, a small inner bucket can be enough to create the steam, but a second to cool the users would be a good thing.
    It would take a flow to evacuate the water to the ground, already just for the water when cleaning the sauna, otherwise it will deteriorate.
    Otherwise the sauna is very pretty, in Finland 80 ° c a sauna just turned on, the operating temperature 90 ° c-100 ° c and up to 110 ° c for the bravest.
    In the sauna we use small towels under the buttocks to protect ourselves and protect the wood, we whip ourselves with small flexible birch branches cleaned and soaked in fresh water.
    Good sauna sessions, we had competitions between us, the one who stays the longest, the shortest, with wages and rewards.

  4. That sauna will be mould-ridden in three years max. You need to leave a ventilation space between the interior wood panelling and the reflectix. The reflectix doesn't work without airspace to throw heat back into – it's just an expensive vapour barrier without it. And with no way for moisture to evaporate, the wood panelling will be toast in a few short years.
    Many people from countries where saunas are rare make the mistake of thinking that saunas need to be airtight to work, but that's not the case. Quite the opposite is true.

  5. A sauna needs plumbing for a tap and also it would be good to put in a shower; saunas get very wet when used. Neglecting this is only something non-Finns do. I throw water around in a sauna, a lot of which misses the rocks.


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