I bought this Sauna from COSTCO and WHY YOU SHOULD (crazy)

Ik kocht deze sauna van COSTCO en WAAROM JE ZOU MOETEN (gek)


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24 gedachten over “I bought this Sauna from COSTCO and WHY YOU SHOULD (crazy)”

  1. False: Sweating removes toxins
    It's true that sweating occurs during sauna use, but there is no scientific research that proves sweating detoxifies the body. Toxins such as alcohol, mercury, and aluminum are mainly removed by the kidneys, liver, and intestines.

  2. The benefits of sauna have been shown to be replicated through the use of a hot bath. Might not be everyone's preference but definitely a more affordable option. Plus you can add magnesium salts which will absorb transdermally for that additional muscle recovery benefits

  3. Web say elec costs for 8Kw heater is £1.60 for an hour . You could improve insulation by adding polystyrene Celtex to unseen area of barrel or if you put Shingles/tiles on roof put foil blanket insulation under these. What thickness are interlocking cedar planks as thinking of buying and gauging the quality of various suppliers ? Thanks


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