I Built a $25,000 Steam Sauna Shower + Everything Went Wrong

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27 gedachten over “I Built a $25,000 Steam Sauna Shower + Everything Went Wrong”

  1. I didn't get why this is so common there in the US to use wood as the base for the sheetrock installation when you can simply use a metal grid and exclude any concerns for mold and rotten wood.
    You are not redecorating the bath every year ….you are making it last for at least 5 do 10 years.
    And for the bottom part ….concrete instead of wood.
    This german made materials are clever too 🙂
    Nice project.

  2. Great Shower! I was just wondering if you had considered waterproofing it with a liquid waterproof membrane over the joints. I'd be paranoid about leaks of any kind so I tend to go for a belt and braces approach. The tiles look fantastic too! Keep up the good work

  3. In the land of Sauna we never needed sloped ceilings.
    Maybe cause the real sauna is at 80'C and we ventilate for comfort and oxygen if its puukiuas (close transl. "woodstove").
    Or because of harsh winters the houses are insulated well but have to be able to vent the moisture so they are built specially that in mind, some of these new element house blocks are notorious to grow mold in a year.

  4. Great, I learnt a lot. One feedback: I would not want the bench to be in the way of the shower head… it's for me an either or thing, so sit for steam or shower. But guess it's build to last, and when your older you'd like sitting in the shower 😉


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