Infrared Sauna EVERYDAY For 10 DAYS | Sauna For Weight Loss | Cure Skin AND Joint Pain

Er is veel hype geweest over het herwaarderen van de infraroodsauna en de gezondheidsvoordelen die het te bieden heeft. Omdat ik erg geïnteresseerd was in alle nieuwe gezondheidstrends, besloot ik 10 dagen lang elke dag naar de sauna te gaan om te zien of het aan de hoge verwachtingen voldoet. Ik was op zoek om te zien of het zou helpen met mijn elleboogpijn, huidgezondheid, algemeen welzijn en gewichtsverlies. Ik was geschokt door mijn resultaten en het is iets dat ik in de toekomst in mijn wekelijkse routine zal houden.


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28 gedachten over “Infrared Sauna EVERYDAY For 10 DAYS | Sauna For Weight Loss | Cure Skin AND Joint Pain”

  1. Trying to find the best lowest cost infrared sauna I found this review video here helpful it reviews the top 3 portable infrared saunas. 

    It really helped narrow down the options and avoid most of the options that are unsafe due to high EMF and high VOC off gassing from cheap materials used. The sauna dome style one is the best for raising your core body temperature most efficiently by the way as you're immersed 360 degrees in infrared emitters so more sweating faster and also more weightloss if you're after that.

  2. Yes! I just got an infared home sauna yesterday and I noticed while I was in it my fitbit showed my heart rate at 105. An elevated heart rate must mean calories burning or increase in metabolism.

  3. What pissses me TF off is that MFs be discouraging people to do the very thing they NEED to be doing AND THAT'S PROVIDING HEAT TO THE BODY TO SWEAT IT OUT FROM THE INSIDE OUT and that wil flush the BS out of ur body, jus dont EAT the BS that started the toxins in the first place!

  4. I have been doing infrared Sauna for the last 1.5 months. I loss 8kgs and yes it definitely helps my skin and adult acne.
    In terms of weight — yes it's both water and fat burning. I noticed that my stomach have gone down a lot, my love handle and my back fat so it is definitely not just water it's also fat.
    I love that I have so much energy in the morning after doing my sauna that's for sure and it improves my mood also. It's addictive for me….not sure I can stop. When I was away for a weekend, I couldn't do it and my body was asking for a Sauna and I felt generally slaggish and yuck.


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