Joe Rogan: AMAZING Sauna Benefits

Joe Rogan & Max Lugavere bespreken de voordelen van sauna en ijsbaden! Geef hieronder uw mening Max Lugavere is een wellnessjournalist, filmmaker, auteur en gastheer van de podcast “The Genius Life”. Zijn nieuwe boek ‘The Genius Kitchen’ is nu verkrijgbaar. Abonneer je als je de inhoud leuk vond ► In deze video: Joe Rogan ►► @joerogan Max Lugavere►► @MaxLugavere Jamie Vernon ►►@ jamievernon #JRE #joerogan #sauna


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31 gedachten over “Joe Rogan: AMAZING Sauna Benefits”

  1. Great to see the increase in Sauna interest in North America. For 4 decades we have been trying to promote the growing sauna culture here in North America and it is good to see more studies and popularity in the benefits of Sauna. The Finns have been using sauna for thousands of years. It is not just about sitting in the room as hot as possible and suffering through but learning how to sauna properly so it is an enjoyable, renewable experience!

  2. Doing Sauna heaters 17 years now. And Saunas. Finally people realize why Finnish people have done it since forever. But best temperature is around 60 C. That way u can also use water and get a Löyly (sorry there is no word for English for löyly). Lets say steam even it is totally different. Sauna culture is really old thing. American indians, Mayans, Asians etc. have done it allready thousands of years. Word Sauna is Finnish. Swedish Bastu and Russian Banja. But they are not doing it same (right way). If you want maximise healthy benefits then u must choose Finnish Sauna or Estonian. Or atleast how we do Sauna. I have 3 Saunas. 1 electric and 2 wood burning saunas. U can also pick herbs in nature to make it even better for yourself. If someone want help with Sauna issues just contact me =)

  3. Researchers wanted to look at the effect of long-term sauna use on sperm quality, as previous research has indicated that higher scrotal temperatures in men can lead to poorer sperm health.

    The men, who all had healthy sperm at the start of the study, were found to have lower sperm counts and reduced sperm motility (the ability to ‘swim’ towards an egg) after the prescribed sauna programme, but other aspects of sperm health were unchanged.

    However, these negative effects were reversed after the men avoided sauna use for three months.

  4. This copy cat is literally just communicating the work from any one of the videos you’ll find for Dr. Rhonda Patrick on this subject. Research she actually presents in context, with graphs, diagrams, stats, etc.


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