Sauna 2000: Autumn Night – A Weird Finnish Sauna Horror Game with Uninvited Guests! (All Endings)

Sauna 2000: Autumn Night – Een raar Fins sauna-horrorspel met ongenode gasten! (All Endings) De Sauna 2000 Autumn Night Demo wordt ontgrendeld door te spelen via The Haunted PS1 Demo Disc en de tv aan te zetten in het kantoor van de conciërge: Spectral Mall disc-spectral-mall/ Verlanglijst Sauna2000 op Steam Hier: #Sauna2000 #Sauna2000AutumnNight


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38 gedachten over “Sauna 2000: Autumn Night – A Weird Finnish Sauna Horror Game with Uninvited Guests! (All Endings)”

  1. Note: I covered an early build of Sauna 2000 a couple of years ago but this latest Autumn Night Prologue demo is much improved and you have a buddy this time too! It's hidden away on the Haunted PS1: Spectral Mall disc. To unlock it you need to turn on the TV in the Janitor's office.

  2. I love this version too but I liked the previous version a little better it was way more eerie being all alone in the woods by yourself, this is taking the piss a bit too much for my taste

  3. this is a accurate depiction of the average day in finland, where we "accidentally" kill our neighbor, experience hallucinations and then are transported to japan to be killed by some weird decrepit woman

  4. That style of music (by the way) is called Iskelmä (Iskelma) and is traditional finnish melancholic pop, usually an old people thing but listened out of tradition and irony by some modern finnish people. And many of them are actual bops and aged well. It's similar to japanese karaoke pop

    You may have also heard it in My Summer Car

  5. Weird how Finnish is totally non-Indo-European, but still sounds 'Scandinavian' in this game. To my ears, anyway. I think it's the rhythm of speech. Scandies always talk clearly and slowly, with long pauses. (Someone will probably say the Danish speak like they have a potato in their mouth!).
    Oh, and a Finnish guy told me once that they had banned the sauna challenges, because too many died in the attempt to win. I think he said it was non-Finnish people trying it that caused the deaths. I don't think many died though – just one or two.


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