Sauna Benefits: Brain, Veins, Bone (stem cells) and more

De eerste 1000 mensen die op de link klikken, krijgen een gratis proefversie van Skillshare’s Premium-lidmaatschap: Van saunatherapie is aangetoond dat het de werking van de microcirculatie, de hersenen, het hart van het immuunsysteem en meer verbetert. Als je gaat zitten verlies je Magnesium en andere essentiële elektrolyten, probeer Myo Relax and Calm van MYOXCIENCE eens na de sauna: Bespaar met code HIH bij het afrekenen Verschillende langetermijnstudies hebben aangetoond dat regelmatige saunagebruikers hebben een significante vermindering van het risico op hart- en vaatziekten, beroertes en verschillende leeftijdsgebonden neurologische aandoeningen. Bovendien verbetert saunatherapie de gezondheid van het immuunsysteem, verdiept het de slaap en is het een medicijnvrije manier om te ontspannen. ————- Slaap- en camerahulpmiddelen die u NODIG hebt! ———————– Beste slaapmasker: http:// / Blue Blocking Glasses: Gravity Blanket (gebruik code HIH10 om op te slaan): Een metabolismeboek zou moeten hebben:https: // Best Mouth Tape (Nexcare): Red Headlamp (draag deze ’s nachts rond uw huis): Breath Right Strips: https: // Beste iPhone-stabilisator: Sony Vlog Cam: ​​Mijn interviewcamera C100 ii: Vlog-lens : Canon EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 IS: Goed geluid: Rode VMPRPLUS Videomic Pro: ———– ——————————Laat notities zien—————— ——————– 0:00 Intro


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  1. doc i have ? fo you . i live in the hottest place on earth ,afar ,erthale ,ETHIOPIA with around 50 degre celcius .does that mean i live my whole life in sauna ? .i proof that the people here in this area are compleletly free of chronick disease like CVD,HTN,DM,ALZIEMER DS,PARKISONS, and also thin ,long and live upto 100 years .sauna is medicine!

  2. Excellent to have a knowledge of the benefits . I do a mid range (to high )intensity gym , some bag work , yoga cool down then into either sauna or steam room for 30 mins. I do a cold shower after 20 mins and at end. I absolutely love it I always instinctively knew the benefits were expansive over what I KNEW , SO THANKYOU and I will pass the information on Scott🇦🇺

  3. Thank you so much for the thorough explanation of Sauna benefits, i'm a asian and we have doing sauna for thousands of years, it truly a medicine especially when you combine the hot and cold therapy, it's an amazing way to keep you healthy and looking younger as well…..since the pandemic to avoid the virus , i bought a infrared sauna to do it at home instead, it's clean and convenient !

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  5. Good stuff. Question: I'm curious if all these benefits you've talked about are specific to dry sauna heat? or are most of if not all of these benefits gained by sauna are also gained by regular cardio? Obviously cardio workout isn't done in 220F heat so I'm wondering if the benefits of sauna are specific.

  6. Hi Mike, my boyfriend and I love your videos and are so grateful for all your information and passion about improving human health! We recently did a month of a CGM and I do hot yoga and hot baths on a regular basis. Those activities consistently rose my blood glucose levels not only during but after I concluded the hot yoga or hot bath. But then I read that heat is good for metabolic health and controlling blood sugar. So is it an error in the CGM or what? Or is it just something weird about my body and the ordinary person isn’t seeing these long lasting increases? Thank you !!


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