SAUNA BENEFITS: Pre Workout vs. Post Workout Pros & Cons

Probeer SunWarrior’s Active Protein Blend: SAUNA VOORDELEN: Pre-workout vs. post-workout Voordelen en nadelen- Thomas DeLauer Bepalen of u een sauna pre- of post-sauna wilt gebruiken Trainen is een zeer belangrijke beslissing. Er zijn verschillende voordelen en het hangt allemaal af wanneer u besluit een sauna te gebruiken. Deze video bevat een betaalde samenwerking met een merk dat dit kanaal helpt ondersteunen. Het is dankzij dit soort merken dat we de inhoud die we doen gratis kunnen leveren. Mijn nieuwe boek, Intermittent Fasting Made Easy: Bekijk het nieuwe trainingskanaal, Garage Built Life, hier: /channel/UCQPQImPsw74KhO0Zy2-leyA/videos Abonneer u alstublieft op mijn e-mailnieuwsbrief hier: Volg meer van mijn dagelijkse leven op Instagram: /ThomasDeLauer Referenties https:/ / https://www. https :// 782/ /doi/full/10.1080/02656736.2018.1504992 Tijdstempels ⏱ 0:00 – Sauna Pre of Post Workout 1:02 – Effecten van sauna op de Lichaam 4:11 – Sauna Pre Workout 5:20 – Probeer SunWarrior’s Active Protein Blend 6:38 – Voordelen van Sauna Post Workout 6:50 – Uithoudingsvermogen 8:09 – Opregulatie van antioxidanten 10:03 – Hartslagvariabiliteit 11:46 – Hitteschok Eiwitten


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47 gedachten over “SAUNA BENEFITS: Pre Workout vs. Post Workout Pros & Cons”

  1. Love your videos, Thomas!
    In my culture we mix sauna with cold baths. So you switch between sauna and sitting in cold water. I know you talked about sauna and about ice baths separately, but what about when they are used together? Do you think it is beneficial?

  2. I've been hitting the sauna at the gym at 230 for 10~ minutes every day for several months now. I won't have it any other way. When I first started, because I sweat so profusely, it was so hard trying to put out energy. But my joints and overall recovery feels better and I'm getting better muscle activation and developing long under-used muscles now. Now when I don't go to the sauna before I workout … it feels too easy. It's like I'm not just mentally tougher but physically as well. ANd I do somewhat workout while I'm in there. I lean on the benches with my arms wide and contract every muscle I can while moving myself from the far left position to the far right in a forward leaning pushup, then I stand up and do very slow maximum contraction calf raises one leg at a time, then I sit on the bench and lean back and do slow flutter kicks forcring my abs to engage. I leave a puddle on those benches when I leave, and I go straight to the seated row and do various band exercises very slowly almost like moving isometric contractions, then do 30 maximum explosive rows, then planks alternating torso positions, then very slow contracted pushups. I leave another puddle there. My heart rate is probably 180+ that whole time. I know because when I get on the various cardio machines afterwards and continue the HIIT'ment I see it at 200+. After 15-18 minutes of that I finally hit the weights. Oh, and I leave a puddle at the elliptical. Going into the sauna and having a lowered heart rate afterwards is up to the person and what they do. If all you do is sit, maybe it's not ideal. I definitely feel massive cooling when I get out of there, but keeping the intensity going keeps me amped more than not going into the sauna, without a doubt.

  3. @Thomas DeLauer are reactive oxygen species and other metabolites post-workout not actually one of the signaling pathways for muscle growth and adaptation? Why would you want them cleared out asap when one would reduce muscular adaptation this way? Same reason one should not use green tea extracts or other anti-oxidants around a workout. Dr. Mike Israetel advices against any heat or cold exposure or massages immediately post-workout. What is your take on Sauna if one is trying to get the most hypertrophy? All studies mentioned circle around some form of endurance work. This question bugs me for so long and it's hard to find a good answer.

  4. LOL what kind of an ass clown wants to sit in a sauna before they work out. You would be exhausted and feel like you already had your entire workout done.

    You want to work out use all that water to pump up your muscles, and then go sweat everything out of your body

    Anybody that wants to sauna before they work out is probably one of those guys that poops right after he gets out of the shower..

  5. Hello Thomas

    I saw most of your videos and willing to start healthy ketogenic diet as you advised, but I need you to answer these questions please:

    • Dr. Joel Kahn (MR cardiologist in Detroit, Michigan) says that animal fat rich foods cause lipotoxicity which is the main cause of insulin resistance even more than sugar.

    • Dr. James Loomis (Medical director at Barnard medical center and team physician for many American football teams) says:

    1. Meat is carcinogenic.

    2. All animal foods increase insulin growth factor 1 (IGF1) which is a dangerous pro-inflammatory agent.

    3. Animal based diets cause delay muscle recovery after any hard work out because they lead to impaired endothelial function of arteries which leads to impaired blood flow to muscles.

    4. All red meat, chicken are sources of very high omega 6 which causes inflammation on the cellular level.

    I saw these doctors encourage people to try plant based diet.

    If you please reply to me because I’ve very high cholesterol level and in bad need for starting a healthy diet as soon as possible.

    Many thanks in advance.

  6. In the past I sometimes went before workout, sometimes after, and sometimes not at all. Usually not measuring time when I did go. More recently I started doing 20 minutes of sauna after every workout, and it does seem to help me relax and recover better. I dont really get people doing aerobics and shadow boxing in there – they just look like try hard to look cool dufuses to me – but I do enjoy stretching in there a bit. 30 second static hamstring stretch about 3 times while I'm in there, along with more brief dynamic stretches of other parts.

  7. I hate MFs that spit in the sauna. Drawback of a cheap gym membership is attracts GRIMEY people. Even saw a guy hucking loogies and spitting into the corner last time. Made me want to throw him through the glass door of the sauna.


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