Sauna: Best Temperature, Length for Blood Pressure & Health Benefits

Sauna is een geweldig hulpmiddel om de gezondheid van het hart, ontspanning en immuniteit te ondersteunen. Hier is hoe ik denk over hoe saunabaden te benaderen. Bespaar op Electrolyte Stix door MYOXCIENCE; met echt zout, gechelateerd magnesium, kalium, taurine en creatine: Bespaar met code: Podcast Bespaar op High Tech Health, de beste infraroodsauna: Beste Zelfgemaakte saunabron en podcast


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28 gedachten over “Sauna: Best Temperature, Length for Blood Pressure & Health Benefits”

  1. Thanks for the tips! Can’t have a sauna in my flat, so I go to a spa. I like to start in the steam room to warm up, then cold shower inside the steam room, then steam some more. Then into the cold plunge. Then sauna, cold, sauna and finish on cold 🙂

  2. I don’t have access to a sauna but I do have a really hot bath every night ( since being a student and living in a flat with no heating!) and get out when it’s unbearable- does that have the same benefits? Sometimes alternate with cold shower for up to 3 cycles.

  3. I sauna (yes it’s a verb) six times per week and it’s the axle upon which turns all my exercise and socializing activities.
    Ours is 195F/90C and I go in 20 minute increments with an ice-cold shock-shower in between. Finish with a five minute icy shower. A usual session is around 50 minutes.
    For HOURS afterward, I feel like I could rip trees out of the ground with my bare hands.
    BTW, I’m going to build on my farm an old school Suomi sauna this summer with all the bells and whistles down to the wooden buckets.

  4. I take hot baths with Epsom salts in the evening. It relaxes my muscles and a good way to get magnesium into our body. Because we can absorb magnesium through our skin than taking a supplement. I do sleep better after that.

  5. Good stuff Mike😋😍😍Excellent pointers. I love the kiddie bench with its own vents,very cool, and the large window is awesome. I really notice how soft my skin is after a good session, and sleep is definitely better. A quick roll in the snow between sessions ( or a jump in the lake) takes it to another level. Faaantastic!


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