Tanglewood Wellness Center Tour – Water Fasting Retreat in Costa Rica

https://tanglewoodwellnesscenter.com Tanglewood Wellness Centre is een van de meest ervaren centra voor watervasten, geleid door de heer Loren Lockman, die de afgelopen 30 jaar toezicht heeft gehouden op meer dan 4000 vasten met alleen water. Geïnteresseerd om op het hoogst mogelijke niveau te functioneren? Heb je een of meer aspecten van je gezondheid/lichaam die niet meer functioneren zoals vroeger… of zoals je weet dat ze zouden kunnen? Elk organisme op de planeet geneest zichzelf en vasten is de manier van de natuur om elk organisme op de planeet toe te staan ​​zichzelf te reinigen en te genezen. Loren Lockman coacht sinds 1987 anderen naar verbazingwekkende niveaus van gezondheid en balans en houdt toezicht op vasten sinds 1993.


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33 gedachten over “Tanglewood Wellness Center Tour – Water Fasting Retreat in Costa Rica”

  1. Luxury villa ? I think not… £100.00 per day! At a food cost of $2.oo per day, 20 k from the beach, when you are supposed to be sleeping during the Fast ? So you are expected to trek back and forth ? How ? Tanglewood undertakes transport? Nice business model mate! So you have room for 24 ‘ clients, who sleep most of their stay, because their too weak to do anything else, at a 100.00 per day, for 30 days, every 10 days, per 30 days, per year, and you tell us you don’t take a salary, come on, credit us with some intelligence. Your business is fasting people, and by all accounts it pays you well. No good saying it doesn’t.

  2. I hope you stay at it long enough, that when I finally do make it over there….I can sit down and be monitored by one of the brightest minds ever. Its been a goal of mine for the past 2 years, but haven't had a break from this old house since I bought it. I'm hoping sometime in the next year or so. Either way, your insight has been received and practiced, and it  definitely resonates – that's how you know this aint bull!

  3. Hey Mr. Lockman! Your retreat looks beautiful!
    I have a question about water (you're probably getting this a lot) – at this moment I have Aquasana Water Filter, which, as a student, was all I could afford. However, I've saved up a tad of money now, and I was wondering if you have any advice as to what water filter I should buy, what I should look for and/or the fall-groups. Hopefully it won't take too much of your time. You're so awesome, my man!
    Best Regards
    Oliver from Denmark 🙂

  4. Hi Loren 👋 Has anyone ever brought their cat with them for a stay? What do you think would happen if I did? Lol U must be pretty safe from predatory animals in such an open setting, right? I have seen the "resident" kitty cat in videos. Would s/he like company? ( Neutered very sweet male)

    How long is flight from U.S. east coast? Direct or layovers?


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