The benefits of sauna | Andrew Huberman and Lex Fridman

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43 gedachten over “The benefits of sauna | Andrew Huberman and Lex Fridman”

  1. Remember that going to sauna is not an exercise! Looking at you Joe Rogan 🤣 The temperature of a sauna and how you experience varies a lot depeding on how big is the sauna and how the air circumlation is done and how close do you sit to the kiuas (oven). Also the way you throw the water and make löyly makes a difference how you experience it.

    Infrared sauna should not be called a sauna. Banya is a russian word for sauna and the main difference is that Finns have a sauna at home and banya is communal. Finns also do the hitting with the leaves (vihta/vasta).

  2. In Jasper National Park here in Canada, we have natural hot springs. There are 3 pools of increasingly hotter water, followed by 2 pools of cold and ice cold water that we go into afterwards. Then repeat. Talk about a spiritual healing experience; looking at the splendid Rockies and breathing the pure mountain air etc. I’m so lucky to live nearby!

  3. Obligatory finnish sauna enjoyer commenting on the topic. If you are going into the sauna looking at a timer thinking about optimizing the benefits you are already fucking the whole thing up. Go in there be in as long as you feel like, take a break and go again 1-3 more times. Build up tolerance with time dont overdo it in the beginning and ruin the whole experience. Also dont listen to anything in there it’s a place for silence and meditation.


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