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Elke dag gebruiken we technologie om ons leven beter en gezonder te maken. Bij Cigna Onsite Health maken we gebruik van alledaagse technologie en passen deze toe op de gezondheidszorg. We noemen het Virtuele Assistentiezorg. Deze innovatieve benadering van geneeskunde geeft u en uw medewerkers gemakkelijke, kostenefficiënte zorg op maat … op uw werkplek. Met technologie voor virtuele geneeskunde maken we het gemakkelijk om toegang te krijgen tot een volledig aanbod van hoogwaardige, gepersonaliseerde gezondheidszorgdiensten die uw werknemers nodig hebben.


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  1. My son has autism and it was noticed when he was at age 3 it was so devastating for him, have been trying all kind of treatment since he was diagnosed but to no avail. Until a friend of mine who introduced me to #drobaedo on YouTube. This man is more than a doctor to me now cause he has turned my sons life around with his herbal supplement am forever greatful #drobaedo on YouTube

  2. Hi. I loved your work. I've been trying to research for a YouTube vid that teaches everything in this vid. 🧑‍⚕️Your breakdown actually is like the vids from Dr Ethan. Ethan's tips are actually educational and he actually helped me on finals. He is the most knowledgable med student in the UK and he teaches medical school!

    I recommend you see his page out and give the med student a subscribe! 👉 #DoctorEthanScience

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  4. Do anyone still doubt natural herbs? I've seen the great importance of natural herbs and the wonderful work they have done in people's lives. I wonder why people still spend their money on surgery, injections and drugs each time they are sick. Natural herbs can cure all kinds of problems including (Gernital herpes ) (std) (anal herpes )(hsv1) (hsv2) etc. I've seen it with my own eyes. I was cured of Hsv 2 of 10 years by Dr.uwenbo who uses natural herbs.
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  5. Wait…… what???? This CANNOT possibly be the same “caring and compassionate” insurance company which denied covering a truly “medically necessary” liver transplant for me which I’d needed in order to stay alive several months earlier, can it? Are we really serious right now? What planet is this unethical fraud of a so-called “caring and compassionate” insurance company really living on right now??!!! Cigna is totally D-E-L-U-S-I-O-N-A-L!!! They obviously seem to think that just putting together some corny, clichéd commercial which touts all of their “care and compassion” for their members is going to be all that it will take in order to attract new members and new business?? No way, think again!!! Let me tell everyone who watches Cigna’s clichéd and hackneyed Youtube commercial what this insurance company is REALLY all about. First off, they really couldn’t care less if you live or die….. literally! That’s exactly what happened to me last year, I was given like only a 50% chance of survival and was told by my doctors that if I didn’t receive a liver transplant within a certain number of weeks, that my body was basically going to shut down and die. Luckily, it didn’t, and I did eventually receive my liver transplant….. no thanks to Cigna, by the way! This insurance company turned their back on me in my time of need and denied my “medically necessary” liver transplant time after time, with zero remorse and/or regrets. Then, to make matters even worse, Cigna even had the sheer audacity to suggest (in every single one of my coverage denial letters) that “due to my own personal lifestyle choices of alcoholism, my liver had failed on me, and that because of that, my insurance policy didn’t cover ‘deliberate or willfully reckless behaviors’ which subject the body to greater physiological trauma or stress than it would ordinarily endure, under normal circumstances.” Quote for quote, that was exactly what Cigna had written in my denial letters, before basically telling me to get lost, go away, and stop bugging them with all of my persistence “since it wasn’t going to change their decision anyways.” (Another direct quote from Cigna.) Needless to say, I’ve never been an alcoholic in my life, nor have I ever engaged in deliberately risky kinds of behaviors which would jeopardize my physical health. The exact opposite is true: my liver failed and malfunctioned not because of “irresponsible lifestyle choices” like Cigna had claimed, but because of a genetic predisposition to liver disease, a fact of which Cigna had categorically dismissed as “not being credible or true” – yet another direct quote from them, by the way. There’s a ton of other awful stuff which I could write about this truly horrific and spineless insurance company, and honestly, I left out a lot of pertinent details regarding my entire nightmarish ordeal of having to deal with all of their sleazy insurance denial shenanigans throughout the past several months. However, the main “moral of my story” I guess, would be this: DO NOT EVER sign up for health insurance with Cigna, either for yourself if you are single and/or if you have a family including children. In my opinion (though others may very well disagree, including Cigna, of course), this insurance company is nothing more than a sophisticated con-artist operation, veiled and masked by so many of these laughable and ridiculously clichéd “together all the way with you, our member” types of cheezy Youtube advertisements and commercials. Sign up with Cigna if you still want to, even after reading my recommendations not to, but seriously and honestly, this is the last insurance company that I would insure even a cockroach with! After everything that Cigna put me through several months ago, while I was basically battling them (legally) to stay alive, they now have the temerity to try to convince other people that their insurance products, services, and healthcare practices are the best in the industry??!! Give me a break already!! Helicopters, airplanes, and drones, watch out….. because pigs have now officially begun to fly!!! (Obvious sarcasm…. Lol!)


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