What We Do in the Shadows 3×8 THE WELLNESS CENTER – Reaction / Review

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32 gedachten over “What We Do in the Shadows 3×8 THE WELLNESS CENTER – Reaction / Review”

  1. found y’all’s channel through your reactions to the legend of vox machina, and was so delighted to see y’all have reacted to this show as i just recently watched it!! i think my favorite thing about this episode is how the woman who played jan is most likely going to be in vox machina season 2 as one of the dragons (she was credited as a spooky voice in the second episode of tlovm) and it’s funny to think of nandor and her together

  2. There's nothing wrong with Nandor not wanting to be a vampire anymore. I think Guillermo has really bad motives, and is obsessed with Nandor but actually doesn't care about him. He doesn't want Nandor to be a human because then he will lose someone he loves.

  3. Great reaction as always guys thank you so much – I have been subscribed for years and you guys are amongst my favourite reactors. I have re-watched your What We Do In The Shadows reactions multiple times and really wish you had reacted to season 1 as well. Maybe you could introduce The Movie Couple to Season 1 and do a joint reaction – this crossover could bring in new fans and involve some epic after show discussions.

  4. * JUST * watched this episode lol what a delight to open YouYube and see this! this whole episode had me cracking up and it felt so good. this show is so unique and enjoyable. hope all is well LTTP


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